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Skull Fractures

Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Figure 1: Axial CT through the skull base demonstrates linear lucency through the greater wing of the left sphenoid bone representing a simple nondisplaced fracture. Small nondisplaced fractures can also mimic suture lines. Careful attention to symmetry and review of an anatomic atlas may aid in differentiating the two.


Figure 2: CT on bone window (top row left) clearly demonstrates a depressed right calvarial fracture with override of the fragments. Low density foci of scalp soft tissue emphysema and pneumocephalus are also visible. CT on brain window in the same patient makes the left subdural hematoma much more clearly visible. Midline shift is also present indicating subfalcine herniation (top row right). The basal cisterns are also effaced in this patient (bottom row), indicat...