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Insular Tumors

Last Updated: September 28, 2018

Dominant Insular Glioma: Strategies for Tumor Removal

The insula plays an important role in visceral sensorimotor processing, sympathetic control of cardiovascular tone and somatosensory input.  It also participates in pain processing, motor planning, volitional swallowing, and gustatory, auditory, vestibular, emotional, and cognitive functions, including language. For further information regarding the complex functions of insula, please see Wikipedia.

Compared with other gliomas, insular gliomas are unique in their presentation and behavior. These tumors usually arise in areas of white matter adjacent to the allocortex or mesocortex. During their initial phases of growth, these tumors frequently respect the neocortices, central nuclei, and ventricles.

The insula is a challenging stru...