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Atypical Teratoid-Rhabdoid Tumor (AT/RT)

Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Figure 1: Axial NECT (top row left) demonstrates a heterogeneous, mildly hyperdense ATRT in the posteromedial left cerebellum. Tvhere is associated mass effect on the cerebellum and 4th ventricle. Axial T2WI (top row right) shows cystic change within this tumor. Abnormality in the medulla represents leptomeningeal metastasis of tumor with associated invasion. ADC (bottom row left) shows dark restricted diffusion of hypercellularity within the tumor. Axial T1WI post contrast (bottom row right) shows the avid enhancement and cystic changes of this high grade tumor.


Figure 2: This ATRT demonstrates stereotypical high complexity, with solid and cystic/necrotic components, surrounding hyperintense vasogenic edema (top row left – T2, top row right – FLAIR), restricted diffusion indicatin...