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Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Figure 1: This inferior right temporal ganglioglioma is nearly invisible on T1WI (top row left). The cystic change seen in this lesion on coronal T2WI (top row right) and contrast-enhanced T1WI (bottom) is variably present in this type of lesion. The degree of enhancement is also highly variable, though avid in this patient's lesion.


Figure 2: This complex FLAIR hyperintense (top row left), STIR hyperintense (top row right) gangliogliomain the left frontal lobe demonstrates areas of low signal intensity hemorrhage medially (an atypical feature) and only a small amount of brighter surrounding edema anteriorly on FLAIR (top row left). Cystic change are also present in the periphery, most clearly visible on STIR (top row right). Only faint enhancement is present in this example (botto...