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Intraoperative Hemostasis

Last Updated: September 27, 2018

Figure 1: Harvey Cushing introduced Bovie’s electrocautery to neurosurgery. This photograph shows the first of Cushing’s patients who underwent resection of his tumor using this device (left upper image). Cushing demonstrated the use of this instrument (left lower image) for resection of a 4th ventricular tumor (right image)(Images courtesy of the Cushing Brain Tumor Registry at Yale University.)

Successful microsurgery is founded on strict hemostasis and relies on a clear and bloodless operative field. Furthermore, the efficiency of the operation depends on high visibility and a nonobscured environment where the surgeon’s operative workflow is not frequently interrupted by attempts to clear blood from the field. One of the most common reasons for long operative sessions is lengthy perpetual attempts at controlling bleeding, a situation caused by poor operative planning....