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Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Figure 1:  Axial and sagittal T2 (top row left and bottom row left) and sagittal T1 post-contrast fat-saturated (FS) images (top row right) demonstrate a centrally located enhancing lesion which expands the upper thoracic spinal cord. The non-enhancing region of T2 hyperintensity in the cranial aspect of the lesion likely represents a polar cyst (also known as a peritumoral or satellite cyst).

Clinical Features

  • Age groups: Adults (3rd to 5th decades of life) > Children (exception: NF-2)
  • Gender: M > F
  • Presentation: Neck or back pain
  • Associations: NF-2


  • General:
    • Location:
      • Cervical > Thoracic
      • Central > Eccentric location within the cord (arises from ependymal lining of central canal)
    • Appearance:

      • On average 3.5 verterbral bodies in length
      • Peritumoral o...