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Glomus Jugulare Paraganglioma (GJP)

Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Figure 1: CT (top row left) demonstrates a typical permeative lucent appearance of this glomus jugulare tumor in the left petrous apex. These lesions tend to be low signal intensity on T1WI (top row right) and hyperintense with a salt-and-pepper appearance on T2WI (bottom).

Basic Description

  • Benign neuroendocrine tumor of neural crest origin arising near the jugular foramen


  • Arises from glomus bodies which function as chemoreceptors
    • Located within jugular bulb, cranial nerve (CN) 9 tympanic branch, and CN 10 auricular branch
  • Classically spreads through the middle ear in a superior-lateral vector

    • May involve CN 7 mastoid segment
  • Arterial supply from the ascending pharyngeal artery
  • Familial or sporadic

    • Associated with MEN 1 syndrome, NF-1, and multiple myocutaneo...