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Hemangioblastoma (HGBL)

Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Figure 1: The cystic appearance is typical of this hemangioblastoma on T2WI (top row left). Note the posterior fossa location. The mural nodule is visible on T1WI but becomes much more evident after administration of IV contrast (bottom) due to its avid enhancement. The lack of enhancement in the cystic rim is also typical.


Figure 2: Axial T1 post-contrast (top row left) and axial T2FS (top row right) images demonstrate cystic lesions with associated enhancing dorsal nodules in the left posterior cerebellar hemisphere and right anterior cerebellar hemisphere, compatible with hemangioblastomas. The smaller enhancing nodules in the right posterior cerebellar hemisphere are non-specific in appearance but are favored to represent tiny hemangioblastomas as well. Sagittal T1 post-contras...