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Transcallosal Expanded Transforaminal Transvenous Route

Last Updated: September 29, 2018

Walter Dandy established the safety of surgery in the third ventricle. He also introduced cerebral pneumoventriculography, which paved the way for reliable diagnosis of ventricular tumors. With his daring personality, he pushed the conservative boundaries of neurosurgery. One of Dandy’s contributions was the technique of transecting normal frontal lobe tissue to uncover deep-seated lesions 

Figure 1: Walter Dandy described partial resection of the frontal lobe to reach an anterior third ventricular tumor. He described the tumor as “cystic containing calcified concretions” (Dandy WE. The Brain. Hagerstown, MD: Prior Company, 1966). 

Resection of a Large Third Ventricular Tumor (Chordoid Glioma) via the Transcallosal Expanded Transforaminal Transvenous Route

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