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Venous Anatomy

Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Intracranial Venous System

Superficial veins

  • Superficial cortical veins are thin-walled, valveless, and traverse the subarachnoid space within the cerebral sulci
    • Superior:
      • 8-12 smaller cortical veins over hemispheres
      • Dominant superior anastomotic vein of Trolard
    • Middle:

      • Variable superficial middle cerebral veins
      • Dominant middle anastomotic vein of LabbĂ©
      • Inferior: middle cerebral veins, basal vein of Rosenthal
  • Medullary veins

    • Small, linear venous branches originating in the subcortical white matter
    • Course towards ventricles, terminate in subependymal veins

Deep veins

  • Subependymal veins
    • Along the margins of the ventricles
  • Septal veins

    • Course posteriorly along septum pel...