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Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Figure 1: A mass in the pineal region is causing obstructive hydrocephalus on this CT image (top row left). There is mass effect on the tectal plate without visible invasion on the sagittal T1WI (top row right). Avid enhancement on sagittal post-contrast T1WI (bottom) is typical of most pineal-region tumors including this pineocytoma, regardless of grade.


Figure 2: This circumscribed pineocytoma in the demonstrates peripheral calcifications (arrow) and homogeneous enhancement on post-contrast CT. The lesion is more circumscribed and less infiltrative in appearance than would be more typical for other pineal-region tumors.

Basic Description

  • Slow-growing pineal parenchymal tumor


  • WHO grade I or II
  • Arises from pineocytes or pineocyte precursors
  • Well-differentiated...