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Vestibular Schwannoma (VS)

Last Updated: August 22, 2019

Figure 1: The most common intracranial location of schwannoma is in the cerebellopontine angle, as in this patient. Cystic change is quite common in larger schwannomas on T2WI (left). Schwannomas are also typically avidly enhancing on postcontrast T1WI (right). This schwannoma can be differentiated from meningioma based on this cystic change and on the clearly delineated extention into the internal auditory canal. IAC remodeling and widening may also be present. The lack of a  meningioma's “dural tail” is also helpful.


Figure 2: Axial T1 post-contrast images demonstrate bilateral vestibular schwannomas (top row left) and meningiomas (top row right and middle row left). Sagittal T1 post-contrast (middle row right) and T2 (bottom row) images demonstrate enhancing, expansile, centrall...