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ASIA Impairment Scale
Assessment scale for neurologic impairment after SCI
Grade Description Characteristics of Impairment
A Complete No sensory or motor function preserved
B Incomplete Sensory but no motor function preserved below injury level
C Incomplete Motor function preserved but majority of muscles below neurologic level have muscle grade <3
D Incomplete Motor function preserved but majority of muscles below neurologic level have muscle grade ≥3
E Normal Motor and sensory function normal
ENGEL Classification
Epilepsy surgery outcome categorization
Class I

Free of disabling seizures

  1. Completely seizure free since surgery
  2. Non-disabling simple partial seizures only since surgery
  3. Some disabling seizures after surgery for at least 2 years
  4. Generalized convulsions w/ AED discontinuation only
Class II

Rare Disabling Seizures (almost seizure free)

  1. Initially free from disabling seizures, still with rare seizures
  2. Rare disabling seizures since surgery
  3. Occasional disabling seizures since surgery, but rare seizures for the last 2 years
  4. Nocturnal seizures only
Class III

Worthwhile improvement

  1. Worthwhile reduction in seizure frequency
  2. Prolonged seizure-free intervals amounting to greater than 50% of follow-up period, but not less than 2 years
Class IV

No Worthwhile Improvement

  1. Significant seizure reduction
  2. No appreciable change
  3. Seizures worse
Glasgow Outcome Scale
Score for standardized degree of recovery after brain injury
Score Status Description
1 Death -
2 Vegetative State No obvious cortical function
3 Severe Disability Conscious but disabled
4 Moderate Disability Disabled but independent
5 Good Recovery Resumption to normal activity
Modified Rankin Scale
Scale for assessment of functional status after stroke
Score Description
0 No symptoms
1 No significant disability – has symptoms, able to carry out usual activities
2 Slight disability – unable to carry out all previous activities
3 Moderate disability – requires help, able to walk without assistance
4 Moderately severe disability – unable to walk or attend to bodies needs without assistance
5 Severe disability – bedridden, incontinent, needs constant nursing care
6 Dead

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