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Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Figure 1: The CT (top row left) image for this pineal-region germinoma demonstrates an “engulfed” appearance of the pineal calcification, also visible on GRE (top row right). The ADC image (bottom row left) demonstrates low signal diffusion restriction representing hypercellularity of this tumor. Avid enhancement on T1WI postcontrast image (bottom row right) is typical. This mass is causing obstructive hydrocephalus at the cerebral aqueduct.

Basic Description

  • Intracranial germ cell tumor often occurring in the pineal region (extragonadal seminoma/dysgerminoma)


  • WHO grade II (pure germinoma) or grade III (syncytiophoblastic giant cells)
  • Associated with Down and Klinefelter syndromes and NF-1
  • Polygonal primitive germ cells and lymphocytic infiltrates are common microsco...