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Cavernous Sinus Meningioma

Last Updated: March 26, 2019

Meningiomas involving the cavernous sinus can originate from within the sinus or more typically invade the venous sinus secondarily from other points of origin. These secondary tumors commonly originate from the petrous temporal bone, clivus, clinoid processes, or the lesser wing of the sphenoid.

Meningiomas of the cavernous sinus make up a very small percentage of all cranial meningiomas, but their location within the cavernous sinus makes their surgical resection most challenging. Controversy exists regarding whether surgical intervention for these lesions should even be attempted. This is partially because there is some degree of unfamiliarity with intracavernous surgery and its possibilities.

Historically, the cavernous sinus has been considered a surgical “no man's land” because dis...