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Translabyrinthine Approach

Last Updated: February 18, 2020

Resection of an Acoustic Neuroma through the Translabyrinthine Approach

For general considerations, clinical presentation, and evaluation of vestibular schwannomas, please refer to the Retrosigmoid Approach for Acoustic Neuroma chapter.

Indications for the Translabyrinthine Approach

Vestibular schwannomas (VSs) have been resected via the translabyrinthine (TL), middle cranial fossa (MCF), or retrosigmoid (RS) approaches, based on their size/location of the bulk of the tumor, status of the patient’s hearing, and the preference of the operating surgeon. Other factors that play a role in selection of the approach include the patient’s age and overall health status, anatomy of the vestibule and cerebellopontine (CP) angle, and the involvement of the brainstem and the internal auditory ca...