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Why the Atlas Matters to so Many Patients and Surgeons

Dr. Cohen-Gadol, the founder of the Neurosurgical Atlas, lost his treasured niece to a rare malignant brain tumor. Rachel was only 12 years old. She was the quintessential essence of faith in G-d and innocence whose unprecedented giving and kind nature changed the world for many around her. Rachel's vision in life was focused on improving the lives of others. To follow her vision, the Atlas has, is, and will continue its unwavering commitment to decisively elevate the surgical care of patients with brain tumors. Rachel forever represents the heart and soul of the Neurosurgical Atlas.

Since its inception, the Atlas has positively affected the care of thousands of patients worldwide, this further reinforces our passion for memorializing Rachel's legacy. For our inspiring patient and surgeon stories, please click here.

Please join us in support of the Atlas to reinforce Rachel's vision!

The Atlas is the "Bible" and most trusted reference for brain surgery

A mother, helplessly watches her baby have an epileptic seizure; A husband, learns his wife has a life threatening cerebral aneurysm; A father, recently diagnosed with a brain tumor considers his options with his family; A daughter watches her father suffer from a cognitive decline.  Each of these people, though their challenges are different, will undoubtedly rely on the knowledgeable and skilled hands of a neurosurgeon.

Neurosurgeons must be equipped with the most current and safe surgical techniques to provide the best outcomes for their patients. Patients must be informed about details of their condition and procedure to understand what exactly to expect.

Through the Neurosurgical Atlas and its foundation, we provide the most comprehensive collection of neurosurgical and patient resources to empower both the neurosurgeon and patient. The Atlas is considered the Bible of neurosurgery in the world, affects the care of patients daily, and many countries depend on the Atlas for the care of their patients.

What Every Patient Needs to Know

Explore our comprehensive collection of patient resources with information on conditions, procedures, complications, and outcomes.

What's Inside:

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By providing access to the most comprehensive multimedia repository of current operative techniques and by advancing surgical procedures and approaches via research, the Atlas allows neurosurgeons to learn from one another on a scale never before possible.  Support your surgeon by donating to the Atlas Foundation. This will ensure that every neurosurgeon around the world has access to this resource and can offer the most advanced and safe lifesaving operations to their patients.

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Inspiring Patient Stories

Read inspiring stories from patients of neurosurgeons that use the Atlas to offer lifesaving surgical techniques and the best possible outcome for their patients.

Complex Skull Base and Cerebrovascular Fellowship

The one-year CAST-accredited surgical fellowship in complex intracranial oncology (skull base: open and endoscopic procedures) and vascular (aneurysms, AVMs and revascularization procedures), provides the applicant with a well-rounded experience in managing complex cranial pathologies. The caseload includes approximately 350 operative cases/year.

Fellowship Director: Aaron Cohen-Gadol, MD