About The Neurosurgical Atlas

The Neurosurgical Atlas (ATLAS) is the largest nonprofit (501c3) organization for neurosurgical education and research in the world. With over 70,000 members and 1.3 million website users (as of January 2023), the ATLAS affects the care of many patients daily. A recent survey demonstrated that the ATLAS is considered internationally as the Bible of neurosurgery.

The mission of the ATLAS enterprise is to advance the care of patients suffering from neurosurgical disorders via introduction of novel and efficient surgical techniques into practice. Our unwavering commitment to surgical excellence through ground breaking technologies, research, and education is demonstrated via our global leadership position as the most innovative and comprehensive platform for advancement of neurosurgical techniques. The ATLAS affects the care of 1.3 million patients per year undergoing complex brain surgery for brain tumors, aneurysms, arteriovenous malformation and other life changing neurological disorders. 

Each video or chapter in the ATLAS describes the unspoken secrets for safe and efficient performance of complex brain operations. In essence, using the ATLAS, the surgeon can practice the operation the night before the surgery. The ATLAS has transformed neurosurgical education across the globe.


"It is the single most important website for neurosurgery in the world. It has superb content and curated content of surgeons worldwide. It has amazing graphics, videos, and 3D imaging which have established standards for the practice of neurosurgery across the world. Absolutely the leader.”
- Rick Boop, MD (St. Jude Childrens Hospital and University of Tennessee Health Science Center)

“I have long admired and marveled at the Atlas as being one of the most important vehicles for neurosurgical education in the history of our specialty. You have page impressions which support this statement. And, in my travels around the globe, my colleagues have informed me how meaningful it is for them to review pages of the Atlas prior to complex neurosurgical procedures. The same rings true of medical students, residents, and fellows who are avid users of your materials.”
- James Rutka, MD (University of Toronto, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Neurosurgery)

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More Testimonials

“As a neurosurgical trainee, this is without a doubt the most valuable resource I have ever come across. Despite reading countless chapters and books, there is simply no substitute for operative experience. And when that is difficult to come by, watching the very best neurosurgeons at work is the most wonderful way to see and observe the intricacies and handling of tissues and understanding the safe surgical principles.”
- Dulanka Silva, BA (Hons) MA (Hons) MBBChair MPhil (Cambridge) MRCS (Eng), United Kingdom

“The Atlas is visually stunning. The 3d views, the way you can use things – I am absolutely obsessed. There is nothing else like this, especially for pathologists. I require all my residents to register for the Atlas.”
- Mari Perez-Rosendahl, MD (University of California, Irvine)

“The Neurosurgical Atlas is an exceptional resource that I use in my practice routinely. The Atlas is like having a mentor by my side 24/7 to assist with preparation for difficult or unusual cases prior to surgery so I can be as prepared as possible by having all the pertinent neuroanatomy and critical steps fresh in my mind. I am truly a better surgeon by having this incredible resource available to me, particularly practicing in a smaller town in Kansas, where the size of my group is small, but we still have a large patient capture area and a variety of complex pathology.”
- Kelli Crabtree-Wilson, MD (Stormont Vail Hospital in Topeka, Kansas)

“I think this is the biggest gift to neurosurgery that could have been done. For me, you are the greatest figure in neurosurgery, even greater than the pioneers of this profession and other leading neurosurgeons. Your Atlas is now the best source of knowledge for young neurosurgeons. You are also honestly my main teacher.”
- Wojciech Górecki, MD (Masovian Bródno Hospital, Warsaw, Poland)

“The Atlas has taken the field of neurosurgery into the future. The field had formerly been a bit slow to change. This is not only a better field now, but the Atlas is serving as a ‘bridge’ to what is coming.”

“The pursuit of technical excellence in neurosurgery is a passion and not a job.”
- Aaron Cohen-Gadol, MD (President and Founder, The Neurosurgical Atlas)