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The Neurosurgical Atlas, known as the ultimate resource in cranial surgery, has inspired a devoted global community with over 70,000 institutional and individual members. It is the most comprehensive, interactive multi-media collection that unveils novel and efficient techniques for brain surgery.

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Subscription and perpetual licenses available.

Highest-Quality Content

Broad Use Cases (Cross-Curricular)

Practicing Neurosurgeons

They use the Atlas to prepare the night before surgery, teach residents, and advance their outcomes.

Medical Students

Medical students can be much better prepared to understand and assist in surgery. They find the Atlas indispensable. Watching the video of the procedure rather than reading an extensive chapter in a textbook makes a huge difference for them.

Residents in Neurosurgery, ENT, Radiology, Anesthesiology, and many other specialties including Endocrinology

They consider the Atlas their most important resource to rehearse/learn the operation step-by-step via the Atlas and its videos as they prepare to treat their patients.

Physicians Assistants (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs)

They assist surgeons in the operating room and will be much more prepared via the review of the videos the night before the operation.

Radiologists/Radiation Oncologists

When interpreting images and planning radiation treatments, they can improve their reports and treatment plans as they will have a better understanding of the procedure that was performed.

Head and Neck (ENT) Surgeons and Anesthesiologists

They collaborate with neurosurgeons in the operating room and can therefore function more effectively if they understand the neurosurgical part more thoroughly. Many ENT (rhinologists, otologists, etc.) use the Atlas the night before their procedures.


They can read about the procedure performed and how the specimens that they are reviewing under the microscope were obtained.


The neuroanatomy section of the Atlas is their most important and comprehensive resource for studying neuroanatomy.


They can explore how their basic science research is related to surgical applications.

Operating Room Staff (including Nurses, Technicians, etc.)

They use the Atlas extensively to prepare the night before their surgeries so that they can function more effectively in their team, reduce waste, and conduct the procedure efficiently.

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Mission Centric

The Neurosurgical Atlas is a nonprofit with a mission to push the boundaries of surgical excellence, education and research to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Strong Community

The Neurosurgical Atlas has inspired a devoted global community with over 70,000 institutional and individual members.

Designed for Institutional Use

Library authentication, COUNTER compliant usage statistics and subscription and perpetual access options allow the Neurosurgical Atlas to best support your library. Learn More »


The Neurosurgical Atlas content is frequently used as a reference in the most respected neurosurgical journals.

Broad Institutional Appeal

The product is used by Neurosurgeons, residents, medical students, nurses, neuroscience researchers, radiologists, and other allied health professionals.

Extensive & Continually Updated

Almost all content in the Neurosurgical Atlas has been completed in the last five years, with hundreds of new content entries scheduled and planned for 2023-24.

Artful format

At the heart of the Neurosurgical Atlas is artistry, technology and community which guides surgeons as they rehearse for their critical moments in surgery.

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Visionary Founder

Dr. Cohen has made it his life’s work to meticulously study the art of brain surgery and has developed innovative resources that empower the global healthcare community. He is one of only 11 recipients of the Vilhelm Magnus medal for the work with the Neurosurgical Atlas, referred to as the Nobel Prize in Neurosurgery.

“The pursuit of technical excellence in neurosurgery is a passion and not a job. My philosophy has always been to do the best anyone can, rather than do the best I can.”


A beloved resource

“As a neurosurgical trainee, this is without a doubt the most valuable resource I have ever come across. Despite reading countless chapters and books, there is simply no substitute for operative experience. And when that is difficult to come by, watching the very best neurosurgeons at work is the most wonderful way to see and observe the intricacies and handling of tissues and understanding the safe surgical principles.”
- Dulanka Silva, BA (Hons) MA (Hons) MBBChair MPhil (Cambridge) MRCS (Eng), United Kingdom

“I have long admired and marveled at the Atlas as being one of the most important vehicles for neurosurgical education in the history of our specialty. You have page impressions which support this statement. And, in my travels around the globe, my colleagues have informed me how meaningful it is for them to review pages of the Atlas prior to complex neurosurgical procedures. The same rings true of medical students, residents, and fellows who are avid users of your materials.”
- James Rutka, MD (University of Toronto, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Neurosurgery)

Superb quality

“It is the single most important website for neurosurgery in the world. It has superb content and curated content of surgeons worldwide. It has amazing graphics, videos, and 3D imaging which have established standards for the practice of neurosurgery across the world. Absolutely the leader…”
- Rick Boop, MD (St. Jude Childrens Hospital and University of Tennessee Health Science Center)

Widest breadth of topics

“There is something—many things—for everybody. There are routine operations for junior residents—such as how to do a craniotomy—to very difficult operations—such as techniques to remove a pineal tumor—for the senior practitioner. Senior doctors use it to learn how to approach tough issues.”
- James Rutka, MD (University of Toronto, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Neurosurgery)

Nothing else like it

“The Atlas is visually stunning. The 3d views, the way you can use things – I am absolutely obsessed. There is nothing else like this, especially for pathologists. I require all my residents to register for the Atlas.”
- Mari Perez-Rosendahl, MD (University of California, Irvine)

An invisible mentor

“The Neurosurgical Atlas is an exceptional resource that I use in my practice routinely. The Atlas is like having a mentor by my side 24/7 to assist with preparation for difficult or unusual cases prior to surgery so I can be as prepared as possible by having all the pertinent neuroanatomy and critical steps fresh in my mind. I am truly a better surgeon by having this incredible resource available to me, particularly practicing in a smaller town in Kansas, where the size of my group is small, but we still have a large patient capture area and a variety of complex pathology.”
- Kelli Crabtree-Wilson, MD (Stormont Vail Hospital in Topeka, Kansas)

A gift to neurosurgery

“I think this is the biggest gift to neurosurgery that could have been done. For me, you are the greatest figure in neurosurgery, even greater than the pioneers of this profession and other leading neurosurgeons. Your Atlas is now the best source of knowledge for young neurosurgeons. You are also honestly my main teacher.”
- Wojciech Górecki, MD (Masovian Bródno Hospital, Warsaw, Poland)

A bridge to the future

“The Atlas has taken the field of neurosurgery into the future. The field had formerly been a bit slow to change. This is not only a better field now, but the Atlas is serving as a ‘bridge’ to what is coming.”
- Steven Kalkanis, MD, CEO of the Henry Ford Medical Group (HFMG) and Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer of Henry Ford Health System

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Why a paid model?

The Neurosurgical Atlas has grown beyond anything we could have imagined. It has impacted the lives of thousands worldwide. Our membership has climbed to over 70,000 members who depend on the Atlas as an essential resource. As we plan for how the Atlas can best serve our members for years to come, securing its long-term growth and sustainability is our highest priority.

  • Beginning April 11, 2023, the Atlas will be transitioning to an institutional subscription model where academic and medical libraries subscribe to unlimited access for their campus and hospital communities.
  • We decided on this model not only to secure the Atlas, but to provide a platform to expand content and strengthen the foundation for surgical innovation and excellence into the future.
  • As libraries adopt subscriptions, this will provide seamless access for many of our users through their academic and institutional affiliations.
  • The paid model allows us to be more agile, reaching a broader audience with a platform to share global voices.
  • “The Atlas has taken the field of neurosurgery into the future. The field had formerly been a bit slow to change. This is not only a better field now, but the Atlas is serving as a ‘bridge’ to what is coming.”

What is the Atlas Enterprise family?

The Atlas Enterprise is a mission-centric brand that is expanding beyond its flagship nonprofit product, the Neurosurgical Atlas, to include multiple transformational offerings.

  1. The Neurosurgical Atlas, known as the Bible of Neurosurgery, has inspired a devoted global community with over 70,000 institutional and individual members. It is the most comprehensive, interactive multi-media collection that unveils novel and efficient techniques for brain surgery. Its nonprofit mission is to push the boundaries of surgical excellence, education, and research to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.
  2. An indispensable tool for neurosurgical strategy, intelligence, and performance, Atlas Meditech leverages virtual twin worlds, artificial intelligence algorithms, and advanced technologies to provide operative guidance and confidence beyond the capabilities of master surgeons. Using this tool, surgeons will achieve the ultimate result for complex brain surgery.
  3. AtlasLink is the only exclusive, private networking and collaboration platform that elevates the personal profiles of its members. This platform has ignited a movement within the global neurosurgical community to share insights and solve complex challenges.

How do I subscribe?

For libraries: Contact us for more information on access options or reach out directly to our North American sales representative: Kate Vincent at [email protected].

For individual members: We deeply appreciate your help in recommending the Atlas into your medical library. Your library will be most interested in the Atlas if this resource is requested and valued by the academic community served. More information on individual subscriptions to come in early April.

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