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Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Figure 1: This pineoblastoma demonstrates invasion into the superior tectal plate on sagittal T1WI (top row left). After administration of IV contrast (top row right), the lesion demonstrates avid, heterogeneous enhancement. Axial FLAIR (bottom row left) demonstrates hyperintensity typical of most tumors. This lesion has also caused obstructive hydrocephalus at the cerebral aqueduct. ADC (bottom row right) shows low signal restricted diffusion reflecting this lesion's hypercellularity.


Figure 2: This complex cystic lesion centered in the pineal region demonstrates enhancement when comparing pre- (top row left) to post-contrast (top row right) sagittal images. The mass appears well circumscribed, a finding that may be present in pineoblastomas. They can look very similar to germ cel...