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Olfactory Groove Meningioma

Last Updated: April 19, 2019

Figure 1: The cavity left after removal of a giant meningioma from the brain of a patient who died in a “Government Hospital for the Insane” (photo courtesy of the Cushing Brain Tumor Registry at Yale University, circa ~1892).

Olfactory Groove Meningioma: Principles of Transcranial Resection

Olfactory groove meningiomas (OGMs) constitute 9–18% of all intracranial meningiomas. These tumors arise in the midline of the anterior cranial fossa at the junction of the cribriform plate and planum sphenoidale.

Figure 2: Relative distribution of the most common intracranial meningiomas is illustrated.

Tumors arising from this area are in close proximity of tuberculum sellae meningiomas, but these two tumor types behave very differently, primarily with respect to their presentation and mass...