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Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Figure 1: There is a cluster of cyst-like structures in the right central sulcus compatible with racemose neurocysticercosis. Notice that there is only minimal rim enhancement (middle row right). Often, when in the subarachnoid space or basilar cisterns, neurocysticercosis will take on a grape-like appearance with minimal to no enhancement.


Figure 2: Multiple peripherally enhancing neurocysticercosis lesions (top row left-middle row right) look remarkably similar to brain metastases, with a similar amount of associated hyperintense vasogenic edema on FLAIR (bottom row). The patient’s clinical scenario and the presence of an eccentric mural nodule in some of the lesions (middle row left) can help to narrow the differential.


  • Intracranial parasitic infection caused by...