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Petroclival Meningioma: Anterior Petrosal Approach

Last Updated: September 30, 2018

Resection of a petroclival meningioma via anterior petrosectomy

The topics related to general considerations, clinical presentation, evaluation, and indications for surgery are discussed in the chapter titled Petroclival Meningioma: Posterior Petrosectomy.

In addition, the general resection techniques for removal of petroclival meningiomas are discussed in the Petroclival Meningioma: Posterior Petrosectomy chapter.

With the anterior petrosal approach, the surgeon attempts to expose the upper third of the clivus as the surgical target. This region extends from the tuberculum sella toward the internal auditory canal (IAC). Any portion of the tumor that extends beyond the IAC is not reachable via this approach. For more details about application of this skull base operative corridor, ref...