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Trending Articles: February 2020

Last Updated: March 25, 2021

What follows is a collaborative effort between the Neurosurgical Atlas and leading publishers of neurosurgical literature to provide you with a concise list of newly released articles that are most frequently accessed. Participating journals are listed in alphabetical order with a quick navigation link available in the table below.




  1. PEEK interbody devices for multilevel anterior cervical discectomy and fusion: association with more than 6-fold higher rates of pseudarthrosis compared to structural allograft
  2. Cervical disc replacement: examining “real-world” utilization of an emerging technology
  3. Computed tomography Hounsfield unit–based prediction of pedicle screw loosening after surgery for degenerative lumbar spine disease
  4. Cost-effectiveness of postoperative rehabilitation after surgery for lumbar disc herniation: an analysis based on a randomized controlled trial
  5. Biomechanical evaluation of two alternative techniques to the Goel-Harms technique for atlantoaxial fixation: C1 lateral mass–C2 bicortical translaminar screw fixation and C1 lateral mass–C2/3 transarticular screw fixation
  6. Surgical management of moderate adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with a fusionless posterior dynamic deformity correction device: interim results with bridging 5–6 disc levels at 2 or more years of follow-up
  7. A comparison of spinal laser interstitial thermotherapy with open surgery for metastatic thoracic epidural spinal cord compression
  8. The effectiveness of tranexamic acid on operative and perioperative blood loss in long-segment spinal fusions: a consecutive series of 119 primary procedures
  9. Clinical and angioarchitectural characteristics of spinal vascular malformations of the cervical spine
  10. Three-dimensional architecture of the neurovascular and adipose zones of the upper and lower lumbar intervertebral foramina: an epoxy sheet plastination study



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