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Last Updated: September 27, 2018

ENGEL Classification
Epilepsy surgery outcome categorization
Class I

Free of disabling seizures

  1. Completely seizure free since surgery
  2. Non-disabling simple partial seizures only since surgery
  3. Some disabling seizures after surgery for at least 2 years
  4. Generalized convulsions w/ AED discontinuation only
Class II

Rare Disabling Seizures (almost seizure free)

  1. Initially free from disabling seizures, still with rare seizures
  2. Rare disabling seizures since surgery
  3. Occasional disabling seizures since surgery, but rare seizures for the last 2 years
  4. Nocturnal seizures only
Class III

Worthwhile improvement

  1. Worthwhile reduction in seizure frequency
  2. Prolonged seizure-free intervals amounting to greater than 50% of follow-up period, but n...