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Midline Supracerebellar Craniotomy

Last Updated: September 27, 2018

Midline Supracerebellar Craniotomy in the Sitting Position

General Considerations

The supracerebellar craniotomy is one of the most underutilized surgical approaches in neurosurgery.  Its flexibility as a far-reaching corridor to the posterior medial temporal lobe, mesencephalon, posterior third ventricle and thalamus has only been recently sufficiently explored.

The supracerebellar approach exploits the natural subdural space along the supracerebellar space to allow the surgeon to avoid brain transgression and reach the pineal region, posterolateral mesencephalon, and posterior third ventricle. The operative corridor is narrow, deep, and presents technical challenges.

A continuum of supracerebellar infratentorial approaches to the posterior and lateral tentorial incisural space have been explored as one moves further away from the midline. These approaches have coalesced into the classic midline approach, the lateral or paramedian app...