ROI Calculator For Doing a Fellowship

This spreadsheet calculates the Return on Investment (ROI) of doing a fellowship versus not based on after-tax (net) income (yellow boxes table; cells which are red have a negative ROI and those that are green have a postitive ROI). Change the numbers in the grey boxes to see how the ROI is affected. The ROI is calcuated for varying numbers of years in practice (rows) and for varying lengths of fellowships (columns).

For 2017, the 50th percentile starting salary for neurosurgeons nationally was around $500,000. Fellowship trained neurosurgeons may start at a higher salary. Annual wage increases for surgeons has averaged around 3% but can be more or less than this percentage based on the underlying economy. Fellowship salaries range from resident salaries to the low six-figures. A typical fellowship salary is $60,000 - $200,000. Finally, fellowship should be about more than just the potential higher earnings.

To download and use the calculator, click the following icon.


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