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Supraorbital Craniotomy

Last Updated: March 27, 2020

Eyebrow Incision and Supraorbital Craniotomy: dAVF Disconnection

General Considerations

The supraorbital craniotomy is a lateral skull base approach suitable to access the parasellar, parachiasmatic and intrasylvian space. This approach attempts to minimize brain retraction, an important consideration for surgeons attempting to reach deep lesions, especially underneath the dominant hemisphere. When combined with removal of the orbital roof, intraorbital tumors become readily accessible via this approach.

When combined with an eyebrow incision, the supraorbital craniotomy is a minimally invasive keyhole approach. This concept of a keyhole approach has gained special popularity. Several authors have described various modifications of the conventional frontal and frontotemporal approaches, creating some confusion. Variations of the subfrontal route can be referred to as supraorbital, eyebrow supraorbital, frontolateral, supraciliary fr...