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Introduction to Third Ventricular Tumors

Last Updated: September 29, 2018

The tumors of the third ventricle have fascinated neurosurgeons because of the technical challenges associated with their exposure and resection. Walter Dandy refined and popularized the surgery within this chamber.

Figure 1: These images show one of the earliest patients who underwent resection of her colloid cyst by Walter Dandy (left upper). The ventriculogram (right upper image) demonstrated noncommunicating ventriculomegaly. Dandy wrote: “The tremendous bone flap as indicated by the incision was the pioneer attack upon this tumor” (left lower image). The illustration (right lower image) details Dandy’s technique.

Large Third Ventricular Tumors: Transcallosal Transforaminal Transvenous Route

Figure 2: The topography of third ventricular tumors is demonstrated. The deep midline...