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Infratentorial (Posterior Fossa) Ependymoma

Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Figure 1: This posterior fossa ependymoma is in its typical intraventricular location, squeezing through the right foramen of Luschka on this axial FLAIR image (left). Contrast-enhanced T1WI (right) shows typical avid enhancement of this mass. These visible cystic changes are also frequent in ependymoma.


Figure 2: A mildly T2 hyperintense ependymoma (top row left) involves the 4th ventricle and extends into the extra-axial CSF space through the right foramen of Luschka. This extension is typical for these very malleable tumors. No restricted diffusion is present on DWI (top row right) and ADC (middle row left), indicating the less dense cellularity that is more typical of ependymoma. The extent of this ependymoma can be seen as typical heterogeneously enhancing tumor on contrast-en...