Research Fellowship

The Neurosurgical Atlas and Yeditepe University Hospital
Department of Neurosurgery
Prof. Uğur Türe and Aaron Cohen-Gadol
Research Fellowship Announcement

The Neurosurgical Atlas in partnership with the Yeditepe University Hospital Istanbul Department of Neurosurgery and Dr. Ugur Ture offers a special neurosurgical fellowship program funded by the Neurosurgical Atlas.

Each year two talented and innovative young neurosurgeons will have the opportunity to participate in digital laboratory work related to artificial intelligence to advance neurosurgical techniques, edit surgical videos, and elevate their technical skills in microsurgical laboratory.

Program Information

Two fellowships will be available:

  1. Digital laboratory fellowship to identify important surgical maneurvers and label critical structures during surgery.
  2. Edit surgical videos for the Neurosurgical Atlas and create an AI library for microsurgery.
  3. Cadaveric dissection to advance microsurgical approaches.

Both fellowships offer extensive exposure to surgical techniques, neuroanatomy and surgical anatomy for the period of one year. Both fellows will be encouraged to watch live surgeries in the OR.

Important Details

  • This fellowship is offered to senior-level or recent postgraduate neurosurgical trainees.
  • The fellows will have full access to neurosurgical laboratory.
  • The fellows will be provided furnished accommodation.
  • The fellows will be paid scholarship of 1500$ per month.
  • The fellowship does not cover travel/visa expenses.
  • The fellows will be allowed to attend surgeries and other educational activities during their stay such as interdisciplinary conferences.


Ideally the candidate has finished residency within at least 2 years of the application for the fellowship.

Following documents must be provided:

  • Copy of passport /ID Card
  • Copy of diploma in Medicine
  • Proof of completion of neurosurgery residency in their home country
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Cover letter and a Personal Statement
  • At least two letters of recommendation by supervising attendings

We look forward to your applications.

For further details or questions please contact: [email protected] or [email protected].