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Last Updated: April 23, 2019

Parenchymal Metastases

Figure 1: Parenchymal Metastases. In this patient with a history of lung cancer presenting with headache, there are parenchymal metastases located with the left thalamus at the gray-white junction of the right frontotemporal and right parietooccipital lobes. The lesions demonstrate predominantly low signal intensity on axial T1 pre-contrast image (top row left) but avidly enhance on post-contrast T1 image (top row right). The lesions demonstrate foci of low signal on SWI (bottom row left), suggesting associated tumoral microhemorrhage (blue arrows). The lesions demonstrate characteristic marked surrounding T2 FLAIR signal, compatible with vasogenic edema that is most conspicuous (red arrow) around the right parietal lesion.


Figure 2: A single large hemorrhag...