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Cerebral Contusions

Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Figure 1: Multiple CT images over time demonstrate the evolution of a hemorrhagic parenchymal contusion in a typical location over the petrous ridge of the temporal bone. The hematoma is not visible on day 1 (top row left), but appears and enlarges over the next few days (top row right and middle row left), a typical course for contusion. At day 17 (middle row right), all that remains is a hypodense hematoma that has already begun to involute. 1 year from the initial trauma, the previous hematoma has evolved into a small amount of encephalomalacia (bottom row).


Figure 2: MRI of the brainafter a 15-foot fall. Anterioinferiorfrontal lobes and anterior temporal lobes are the most common locations for coup/contrecoupcontusions. Each MR sequence can contribute additional information abo...