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Sensorimotor Mapping for Glioma

Central Lobule Glioma: Principles of Mapping to Maximize Safe Resection The goal of tumor surgery is to maximize tumor resection while avoiding neurologic deficit. Effective maximal resection leads to seizure control, improvement of symptoms caused by mass effect, a decreased risk of sampling error, and in patients with low-grade gliomas, a decreased risk of malignant transformation. The extent of resection also is associated with time to tumor progression and overall survival. Because the greatest risk of tumor recurrence occurs within 2 cm of the contrast-enhancing region or tumor borders, the ideal resection strategy should preferably extend slightly beyond these borders. However, the loss of survival advantage is lost when a significant postoperative neurologic deficit such as hemiparesis is incurred. Therefore, the safety of glioma surgery near the perirolandic region is crucial for its consideration in the care of the patient. The presence of functional cortices and white ma...

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