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Left Posterolateral View of Muscle Insertion at C1 Transverse Process

Surgical Correlation


Left posterolateral view of neck at level of the transverse process of atlas (C1).  For orientation, the top border of the image containing the reflected auricle is anterior; the right border is superior. Scalp dissection and reflection of the sternocleidomastoid and splenius capitis muscles have exposed the mastoid process. Attached to the tip of the mastoid is the longissimus capitis muscle. Emerging from the area of the mastoid notch on its medial surface is the posterior belly of digastric muscle. At a deep plane, portions of the obliquus capitis inferior, levator scapulae, and intertransversarii posteriores cervicis can be seen attaching to the transverse process of the atlas. The apex of the parotid gland is visible just behind the angle of the mandible and the great auricular nerve can be see in the superficial fascia overlying this area. (Image courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)