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Lateral View: Comparison of Drainage Pattern Along the Sylvian Fissure on the Right Side and Left Side

Surgical Correlation


E, Right orbitozygomatic craniotomy. The temporalis muscle has been reflected downward, the bone flap elevated, and the dural incision (solid line) outlined. The inset shows the one-piece orbitozygomatic bone flap. F, The dura has been opened to expose a large superficial sylvian vein that empties into the dural sinuses along the sphenoid ridge. G, The sylvian fissure has been opened and the large superficial sylvian vein retracted to expose the internal carotid and middle cerebral artery. H, Another orbitozygomatic exposure. In this case, the anterior segment of the superficial sylvian vein is absent and the veins draining the posterior part of the sylvian fissure empty into veins crossing the frontal and temporal lobes. (Images courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)