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Inferior Perspective of Cerebellum

Surgical Correlation


Inferior Perspective of Cerebellum. There are nine lobules of the cerebellar vermis, of which the tuber, pyramid, and uvula are demonstrated here. The tuber is contiguous bilaterally with the inferior semilunar lobules of the hemispheres. The pyramid is contiguous with the biventral lobule of the hemisphere. The uvula is contiguous with the cerebellar tonsils bilaterally. The superior and inferior semilunar lobules are separated by the horizontal fissure. The inferior semilunar lobule is separated from the gracile lobule by the inferior posterior fissure. The gracile lobule is separated from the biventral lobule by the inferior anterior fissure. The secondary fissure (not pictured) separates the biventral lobule from the cerebellar tonsil. (Image courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)