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Endoscopic View of Sphenoid Sinus without Septations

Surgical Correlation


Sphenoid septations have been drilled out. The clival recess and LOCR are well pneumatized. The paraclinoidal segment of the ICA is the most superficial segment of the ICA in the skull base, and the bone that covers it is frequently dehiscent or just very thin. Great care should be taken when exposing the ICA in this area. The prominence of the paraclival segment of the ICA is recognized. The cavernous segment of the ICA is not seen, since it is located within the cavernous sinus, in the lateral aspect of the sellar region. The cavernous and paraclinoidal segments of the ICA form the parasellar ICA. The indentation produced by the tubecullum sella is well identified here. The lateral aspect of the tubercullum sella, where the paraclinoidal ICA and optic nerve prominence come together, has been called the medial optic-carotid recess (MOCR), which is just medial to the LOCR. (Image courtesy of JC Fernandez-Miranda)