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Endoscopic View of Sphenoid Sinus

Surgical Correlation


Sphenoid sinus has been opened bilaterally. There is usually a larger sphenoid septation, which rarely stays in the midline, and several other smaller septations that often end up on the carotid prominence. The sellar prominence is in the midline, and the clival recess, when present, lies below the sellar floor. When there is a well-developed lateral or pterygoid recess it is possible to identify V2 and vidian nerve within their respective canals. The lateral optic-carotid recess (LOCR) is located between the optic nerve prominence and the carotid prominence. The LOCR represents the pneumatization of the optic strut of the anterior clinoid and forms the floor of the optic canal. (Image courtesy of JC Fernandez-Miranda)