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Diploic Veins Between Inner and Outer Table

Surgical Correlation


A, The outer table of the cranium has been removed, while preserving the sutures, to expose the diploic veins (red arrows) coursing between the inner and outer table. B, The inner table has been removed to expose the meningeal sinuses coursing along the middle meningeal artery, while preserving the large posterior diploic vein in the bone. The upper end of the diploic vein joins the venous sinuses around the middle meningeal artery at the yellow arrow. C, Superior view. The dura covering the cerebral hemispheres contains a plexus of small meningeal sinus veins that follow the branches of the meningeal arteries. The largest meningeal sinuses course along the anterior and posterior branches of the middle meningeal artery and extend up to the superior sagittal sinus and the region of the venous lacunae. D, The dura has been opened and the venous lacunae preserved. The veins from the posterior part of the hemisphere are directed forward. (Images courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)

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