Retromastoid Incision: Details Free

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This video reviews the step by step tenants for performance and planning of incision for standard retromastoid craniotomy. The patient is positioned in a left lateral position. You can see the contour of the tip of the mastoid is marked via palpation, also the mastoid groove is identified. A vertical incision is planned through the mastoid groove next the inion is palpated and a line between the inion and the root of the zygoma marks the appropriate location of the transverse sinus as demonstrated here. The junction of these two lines identifies the approximate location of the transverse sigmoid junction, and importantly, the incision ends just above the junction of the dural sinuses. In other words, the summit of the incision is located just above the junction of the two lines previously discussed. This incision is relatively generous and is used for a large acoustic neuroma, in the case of microvascular decompression procedures for corneal nerve hyperactivity syndromes, the incision owns a smaller base and the height of the incision is also decreased all the way to the level of the junction of the dural sinuses. Thank you.

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