Preoperative Microscope Setup Free

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Preoperative setup on the microscope is quite important so additional adjustments are not necessary after the scope is draped. Let's go ahead and review the details here. First, each handle is adjusted individually. Next, the mouthpiece is also fine-tuned. Let's go ahead and review the important details for setting up the mouth switch. You can see the middle joint is pushed forward so that I can adjust the distance of the mouth switch pedals against my upper jaw. The more distal screws are now tightened as the height of the mouth switch is again adjusted against the upper jaw of the surgeon. The most proximal screw is then adjusted. Finally, the interocular distance of the oculars is also adjusted for the individual surgeon. It's important to note one more time that the upper pedal of the mouth switch should rest against the upper teeth of the surgeon. Upon movement of the lower jaw, the pedals of the mouth switch are approximated and the brakes of the microscope are released. Thank you.

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