Intraoperative Fluorescence for Glioma

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This very short video aims to describe the basic principles of fluorescein florescence for resection of high grade gliomas. This is a 30 year old female who presented initially with a low grade glioma in the left posterior frontal area and underwent resection. However, two years later returned with enhancing recurrent tumor. In fact, the tumor is partially enhancing you can see the area of the mass posterior to the previous resection cavity with evidence of partial enhancement. She underwent reopening of her left posterior frontal craniotomy. You can see the location of the tumor mapping was used to show exclusion of the motor cortex upon injection of fluorescein. In other words, three milligram per kilogram at the time of the intubation. The enhancement of the tumor was quite apparent under the fluorescent module. You can see the area of the tumor and clearly a nice differentiation between the area of the tumor and pretumoral area. Again this video just aims at showing the very basic principles of fluorescein florescence in terms of differentiating the tumor from the relatively surrounding normal brain. This very superficial glioma was easily disconnected from the surrounding brain without difficulty. And the postoperative MRI demonstrated the desirable results. Thank you.

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