Broad-Based MCA Aneurysm: Aneurysmorrhaphy

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This video emphasizes the se of Bipolar Aneurysmorrhaphy for Clip Ligation of Broad-Based Patch Less MCA Aneurysms. This is a 45 year old female who presented with a seven millimeter right sided MCA aneurysm. Preoperative angiogram demonstrated by lobbed aneurysm. One of the M2 trunks is more closely associated with the neck of the aneurysm. Patient underwent a right frontotemporal craniotomy Sylvian fissure was widely dissected. You can see that patch less nature and morphology of the aneurysm. Temporary clip was used M2 trunk. To be able to work around the aneurysm better. I use bipolar coagulation to gather the midsection of the aneurysm so I can more efficiently and precisely exclude the aneurysm while leaving a small atrium for the MCA bifurcation. Here is that small atrium, Intraoperative faucet angiography demonstrated adequate exclusion of the sac. And postoperative angiogram also confirmed complete exclusion of the sac without any complicating feature. Thank you.

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