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Traumatic Vascular Injuries

Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Figure 1: This patient receiving an MRI after motor vehicle accident demonstrates retropharyngeal and paraspinal muscle edema (left, middle arrow) on T2-weighted image (left), a finding suggestive of cervical spine fracture. More concerning, though, is the asymmetric abnormal signal in the right vertebral artery (left, left arrow), which should be black on T2-weighted images. On followup CT Angiogram (right), the right vertebral artery does not fill with contrast (right, arrow), indicating occlusion most commonly due to dissection in the traumatic setting.


Figure 2: Axial (left) and coronal MIP (right) CT angiogram images through the neck in this patient after motor vehicle accident demonstrates a small focal outpouching of the left cervical internal carotid artery representing pse...