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White Matter Tracts Surrounding the Basal Ganglia

Surgical Correlation


White matter tracts surrounding the basal ganglia. The lentiform nucleus, part of the basal ganglia, is a prominent wedge-shaped mass of gray matter comprised of the putamen laterally and the globus pallidus medially.  The lentiform nuclues is bounded laterally by the external capsule and medially by the internal capsule.  In this dissection, the external capsule and claustrum have been partly removed to reveal the putamen. The anterior limb of the internal capsule separates the lentiform nucleus from the caudate nucleus, while the posterior limb of the internal capsule separates the lentiform nuclues from the thalamus.  The internal capsule is continuous superiorly with a large, fan-shaped white matter sheet called the corona radiata. The uncinate fasciculus is a white matter bundle that connects the lateral orbitofrontal cortex with the anterior temporal lobe, including the amygdala and the cortex of the uncus. (Image courtesy of PA Rubino)