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View Through Open Mouth and Palate

Surgical Correlation


A, Anterior view through the open mouth. The soft palate, which extends backward from the hard palate, will block the view of the upper clivus. An incision has been outlined in the midline of the soft palate. B, The soft palate has been divided to expose the mucosa lining the lower clivus. C, The pharyngeal mucosa has been opened in the midline and the left longus capitis and longus colli have been reflected laterally. D, The transverse maxillary (Le Fort I) osteotomy extends through the maxillary sinus above the apex of the teeth and below the infraorbital canals. E, The lower maxilla has been displaced downward. A clival window and vertebral arteries are seen through the exposure. (Images courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)