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View From Lateral Orbitotomy

Surgical Correlation


View From Lateral Orbitotomy. A, A right lateral orbitotomy has been completed. It includes a portion of the frontal, zygomatic, and sphenoid bones and frontozygomatic and sphenozygomatic sutures. B, A bone flap has been removed to expose the periorbita. The lacrimal gland can be seen through the periorbita. C, The periorbita has been opened, and some orbital fat has been removed to expose the lateral and inferior rectus and inferior oblique muscles. The superior ophthalmic vein and its branches are exposed above the lateral rectus muscle. D, The lateral rectus muscle has been elevated to expose the CRA entering the lower margin of the optic sheath (blue arrow). E, Enlarged view. The ophthalmic artery and the superior rectus muscle have been retracted posteriorly to expose the origin of the CRA from the ophthalmic artery. (Images courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)