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Venous Relationships of the Lateral Ventricles: Lateral, Anterior, and Superior Views

Surgical Correlation


Venous relationships of the lateral ventricles. Lateral (top), anterior (middle), and superior (lower) views. The ventricular veins are divided into medial and lateral groups. The ventricular veins drain into the internal cerebral, basal, and great veins. The lateral group consists of the anterior caudate vein in the frontal horn; the thalamostriate, posterior caudate, and thalamocaudate veins in the body; the lateral atrial veins in the atrium and occipital horn; and the inferior ventricular and amygdalar veins in the temporal horn. The medial group is formed by the anterior septal vein in the frontal horn; the posterior septal veins in the body; the medial atrial veins in the atrium; and the transverse hippocampal veins in the temporal horn. The transverse hippocampal veins drain into the anterior and posterior longitudinal hippocampal veins. The superior choroidal veins drain into the thalamostriate and internal cerebral veins, and the inferior choroidal vein drains into the inferior ventricular vein. The great vein drains into the straight sinus. (Images courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)