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The Coronal Suture and Central Sulcus

Surgical Correlation


The Coronal Suture and Central Sulcus. A, The right coronal suture and the precentral gyrus converge as they descend from their upper ends and become closer. The point of maximal convergence is approximately at the junction of the superior temporal line and the coronal suture (yellow star). This point, named the stephanion, is located an average of 7.6 cm lateral to the midline along the coronal suture. B, The anterior edge of the right precentral sulcus is closest to the coronal suture around 1 cm lateral to the point where the superior temporal line crosses the coronal suture (yellow star) as was found in 25% of the hemispheres. Below this point they diverge, but their lower ends remain closer than their upper ends. C and D, Typical course of the central sulcus (C) and coronal suture (D) (red dots measured at 1-cm intervals) starting superiorly at the interhemispheric fissure. (Images courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)